Aerotropolis Business Concepts LLC provides analysis, insights, and advice on all aspects of airport city and aerotropolis development from preparing strategic roadmaps and planning guidelines to stakeholder alignment, financing tools, and business recruitment.

“Local residents and officials have to understand that their airport represents far more than a flight out of town. It is, or can become, the economic engine of the town.” • John D. Kasarda

Airport City and Aerotropolis Strategic Planning

Strategic roadmaps and planning guidelines for successful airport city and aerotropolis development

Airport Linked Commercial Planning

Determining highest and best use of commercial parcels on and beyond airport property

Airport Competitiveness and Growth

Synergizing aeronautical and commercial components for airport revenue optimization, growth of air routes, passenger and cargo volumes, and enhancing the passenger experience

Air Logistics Infrastructure and Facilities

Planning, designing, locating, and synergizing 21st century multimodal air logistics infrastructure and facilities

Airport City and Aerotropolis Business Plan Guidelines

Key elements and strategies for creating effective and bankable air logistics, airport city, and aerotropolis business plans

Public Private Partnership

Government-business partnerships for financing, developing, operating, and administering air logistics, airport city, and aerotropolis infrastructure and facilities, including governance and stakeholder alignment

Master Classes and Presentations

Through Aerotropolis Business Concepts, Dr. Kasarda provides master classes ranging from three hours to two days targeted to airport executives and business and government leaders.  Kasarda also provides shorter presentations to these stakeholders, the media, and public on the airport city and aerotropolis model as the best way forward for 21st century airport and the businesses and communities they serve.